Amek Group Expands Into Colombia
with Appointment of Manager Lilian Gutierrez

Lilian Gutierrez has been appointed as Expansion Manager, Colombia for Amek Group.

Since Lilian was a child, she has always felt the magnetic attraction of working in Hotel Management. It propelled her into an undergraduate degree with a specialization for hotel management and tourism, followed by two Masters degrees, in Multinational Business Administration and Marketing & Logistics.

Lilian has applied these learnings and excelled in hotel management since 2009. Embracing everything from hotel operations to sales and marketing, she worked with NH Hotel Group in both Spain and Colombia. Of note, opening the brand’s first hotel in Colombia in 2011. This experience continued into 2015, as she was employed as Deputy Director of the largest hotel of the brand’s Colombian hotels before being rewarded for the company’s growth in the role of Director.

She continues to champion Colombia’s hotel and tourism industries as she spearheads Amek Group’s expansion into the culturally rich country.

Amek Group

Amek Group is a white label hospitality service offering tailored management and consultancy for hotels and resorts. Strategically located between Miami, Florida, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Amek Group is the only hospitality company to singly offer independent brands all operational and strategic needs to develop, manage, or operate a hotel. It currently carries 12 projects in its portfolio.

Amek Consultancy, Development, and Agency are engaged appropriately on projects. Amek University provides a virtual learning environment utilizing both original and hosted content that expedite training on evergreen and ever changing protocol. Breakthrough Service is the newest in quality assurance designed to eliminate the burden of checklists and depart from stringent, robotic service standards.

Amek Group’s portfolio of consultancy, development, management, learning, and quality assurance speak to the current favored business model of using remote teams, vertical integration, and a cooperative of hand-selected industry experts.

Amek Group was formed by childhood friends, Luis Gallotti and Lisandro Léon Liguori. Basketball brought them together in their native country of Argentina, forming a partnership that would carry them from the young age of 10 years old through recruiting a team of their own. It was a shared passion for hospitality that solidified their collaboration. An unparalleled industry background, extreme focus, an obsession for luxury hospitality service, and their meticulous nature form the pillars of their fast-growing company.

A Vision for Collaboration in Colombia

As Amek Group focuses on its future in Central and South America, Colombia is among the top two countries of focus, due largely to its economic stability.

As she works in tandem with Circulo Internacional de Directores de Hotel as the Colombian Ambassador, Lilian has deep insight and experience on the country’s attraction to foreign investors, especially new hotel and tourism projects. Thanks to its diverse geography and abundant natural resources, there is exceptional opportunity for tourism that embraces adventure and wellness in a post-pandemic setting.

Among Lilian and Amek’s plans for the future is the vital understanding that hotels must combat the lingering effects of an uncertain world hindered by the pandemic; providing security and a guarantee of safety for all travelers. The sector has invested nearly 17 billion pesos (USD 4.7 million) in the implementation of biosafety protocols to be able to restart operations.

Understanding the necessity for the hospitality and tourism industries to recover occupancy, Lilian plans to leverage Amek Group’s deep sector expertise to complement struggling independent hotels.