Bridging Hospitality and Security to Build Trust and Ensure Effective and Personalized Minimization of Risks

MIAMI, Florida - October 12, 2020 Amek Group, a luxury hospitality company, has partnered with Federal Tactics Security (FTS) Miami to tailor safety and security services globally to its existing and future clients. Created in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the program delivers the most effective, personalized measures to significantly reduce any risk of exposure and comply seamlessly with current government mandates. Services will include hotel, residential, and event security; loss prevention; pandemic prevention; VIP & corporate executive care; and security assessments for new developments. In a new paradigm of safety requirements, the partnership leverages the expertise of both companies with a combined experience of 70 years from across service industries.

The program created by Amek Group and FTS can be executed anywhere in the world by training deployed through a Crisis Management Team. The team, specialized in high crisis situations, identifies, responds and neutralizes hazards, particularly those associated with COVID-19. FTS tailors all essential services, taking immediate actions to detect compromised areas and assist with physical and technological support. Support can include enforcement of social distancing; controlling private and public access and flow of traffic; pre, during, and post-event security management; emergency planning and response; liaison with local government offices and contact tracing.

“Our hybrid approach of conventional security and compassionate hospitality creates the foundation of this comprehensive program,” says Luis Gallotti, Co-Founder of Amek Group. “We understand the need to proactively combat the spread of COVID-19 and other forthcoming risks. By partnering with FTS, we provide our clients with the confidence needed now to live well - safely and freely.”

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About Amek Group

Amek Group is a white label hospitality service offering tailored management and consultancy for independent and branded hotels and resorts. Strategically headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, it is the only hospitality company to singly offer proprietary operational, strategic, and qualitative programs under its business units: Amek Management; Amek Development; Amek Consulting; Breakthrough Service. It currently carries 12 projects throughout Argentina, Costa Rica, and the U.S.A.

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