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We are a vertically integrated company specialized in high-end products.

Hospitality with purpose

Through each one of our brands and services we provide the tools needed to generate experiences that are both life-changing and profitable, aimed at the new luxury segment.

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Gastronomy, health and wellbeing, accommodation, recreation

We design flexible solutions that adapt to different business models, adding and maximizing profitability for each project.



Amek Group emerges from a project created by two childhood
friends who want to change the hospitality status quo
by developing innovative concepts, brands and
services that inspire, transform and motivate.

Lisandro León Liguori

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Luis Gallotti

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Romina Nicolino

Business Partner AKEN Spa & Wellness

Florencia Ruiz

Revenue Manager

Fernando Martin

Operations Manager, Southern Region

Lucia Flex

Branding Director

Lucia Roldán

Director of Lifestyle Events

María Belén Cepeda

Multi-Property Controller

Marina Thärigen

Director of Architecture & Interior Design

Fernando Gallotti

Director of Sports & Recreation

Gonzalo Gomila

Regional Sales Manager

Gianluca Pasqualotto

Digital Marketing Analyst (Ads)

Florencia Rodríguez

Senior Graphic Designer

Amparo Suárez

Graphic Designer

Marianella Sanchez

Tech Lead

Virginia Bailone

Social Media Director

María Belermina Herrera

Business Partner AKEN Spa & Wellness

Milagros Santorsola

Administrative Assistant

Daniela Campos

Regional Operations & Expansion Manager

Laura Blanco

Multi - Property Director Of People

Agustina Martelli

F&B Curator

Lonny Wolfe

Hospitality Consultant

Lucas Glavina

Tech / IT Developer

Constanza Sisalli

Graphic Designer

Matias Nardelli

Assistant Multi-Property Revenue Manager



It is a guiding star for all of our outstanding actions and the fundamental value to reach the magnanimous.


It allows us to compromise our actions to an ulterior, transcendent and valuable goal without limits.


It is the result of our creative explorations which allow us to materialize new ideas and solutions for our products, services and proposals with true impact and value.


When facing challenges, we think in terms of solutions and guide our actions towards the best possible result.


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